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Asset Guardianship for Minors

It is the wish of every parent to ensure their child is taken care of and grows up to live a long and happy life. Unfortunately, parents are not always able to see this dream come true and are taken away early. War, accident, and disease are all unfortunate realities that may rob a child of their family early. Minors who find themselves suddenly orphaned and in possession of substantial assets generally do not have the experience or the ability to administer their assets effectively or responsibly.


To help secure the assets of minors until they come of age, a guardian will generally be appointed. The wishes of the minor weigh heavily in the appointment of a guardian, but sometimes that guardianship may be challenged. Our firm helps individuals seeking guardianship of a minor to obtain the legal rights they seek. Our firm prides itself on keeping the interests of the minor in mind when deciding to take on a case, and can ensure the best person to protect the interests of the child is appointed guardianship.


Asset guardianship is a monumental responsibility, and serves to ensure the minor has those assets available to them when they come of age. To attain or secure that guardianship, come to us, and we will fight for both you and the child.


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