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Determination of Incapacity of Adults

Sometimes, as time moves on, the mind starts to become less reliable. Various health conditions, common with old age, take root, compromising the ability of an individual to make decisions for themselves. It is an insidious condition, and not one most would be willing to admit is happening to them. Furthermore, even if one is willing to acknowledge it, by the time the condition becomes apparent one may not be capable of recognizing the infirmity most of the time.


When an adult becomes incapacitated, having the incapacity documented under the law is essential for securing their future well being. If the legal matters are not taken care of, the individual may bring themselves to harm or ruin without realizing it. However, aside from the most obvious cases, determining incapacity is a long and complicated process and for good reason: while the law recognizes the need to protect the infirm, it also has a vested interest in protecting the rights of individuals.


Our law firm is familiar with hundreds of different incapacity cases, and fully understands what needs to be proven under the law to determine that an individual is incapacitated. We can provide counsel to help determine whether or not somebody is legally incapable of making their own decisions. If the situation you describe sounds like incapacity, we are fully capable of arguing this in court. We will help you make sure your loved ones are taken care of well into old age, even if they're no longer capable of taking care of themselves.


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