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Estate Disputes

The loss of a loved one is a tragedy. Somebody you cared for and stood with for years suddenly taken away, and it always seems too soon. If you're fortunate, they will have left a will or other documentation behind detailing how their assets should be divided. However, in spite of the best preparations, sometimes there will be disputes over who is entitled to what. When estate disputes happen, and the documentation left behind is not enough to resolve them, and out of court settlements are impossible, the only path forward is litigation.


An estate dispute can be one of the most emotionally charged types of legal battles one has to go through. Emotions are already running high after the loss of a loved one, adding in the stress of a courtroom only serves to throw gasoline on the proverbial fire. Even worse, these battles are often waged between family members. This whirlwind of emotions can make it nearly impossible to remain calm and objective.


This is why it is important to work with a qualified legal professional. Not only can a legal team specialized in estate disputes help protect your rights, they can provide objective legal counsel when you need it the most. Remember - what you feel you deserve in an estate dispute and what you are legally entitled to may not always be the same thing. This is normal and natural, but attempting to go without an attorney can cause you to walk away with even less than what the law says you deserve. We are here to provide clear, compassionate advice to help you through this most difficult time.


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