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Health Care Surrogates

When a patient suffers serious injury and becomes incapacitated, a health care surrogate may become necessary. Health care surrogates are selected by the doctor administering treatment and become necessary when there is nobody available with medical power of attorney. There is a specific process as determined by statute regarding who can become a health care surrogate and in what priority, and being a surrogate carries with it special obligations.


If you've been appointed as a healthcare surrogate and are confused about your obligations under the law, we can help. In general, following the recommendations of medical staff is the wisest course of action. However, if you know the medial recommendations would conflict with the beliefs of the injured, we can provide consultation on the best course of action. Our legal advice can help you make the best possible decisions in the interest of the injured while making sure you are protected from legal retaliation by those who may disagree.


Being a health care surrogate is a daunting task, and not one to be undertaken alone.


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