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Commercial & Residential Leases

Leasing a property is subject to its own set of laws and rules that govern the responsibilities and duties of both the landlord and tenant. In general, the landlord is responsible for maintaining the property and the tenant is responsible for paying rent and avoiding damage to the property. However, every lease has additional terms that govern the relationship between landlord and tenant. These terms include things like security deposits, pet ownership, and more.


Our real estate legal team can help you interpret and understand the terms of your lease. Making it easier to know exactly what you are getting into. We can also draft lease agreements for landlords looking to rent out property to ensure the rights of all involved parties are adequately protected. In the event of a lease dispute, our legal team can provide counsel and representation to secure the best result.


We are practiced in the nuances of both residential and commercial leasing laws, and apply that knowledge to every case we work. Our legal team will help to settle disputes. We are also well versed in the Fair Housing Act that bans discrimination in housing in several categories, and know the applicable legal precedents for that law. Thus, if you feel as if you have been discriminated against when searching for a home, talk to us and we will review your case.


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