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Not every case can be handled out of court. Sometimes, when two parties have a dispute and cannot come to a compromise, the only resolution is through the courts. Such disputes can arise when distributing property after death or when there is a misunderstanding pertaining to real estate agreements. These disputes can also arise when one party accuses another of wrongdoing, whether the accusation is from another private citizen or even from the state itself.


Regardless of the reason, the process of going through the courts for problem resolution is litigation. Having trial lawyers experienced in the litigation process will give your case the best chance for victory.  Here at Tilton & Tilton we are capable of handling every step of the legal process from initial filing to the battle in the courtroom.


With a varied staff of legal professionals skilled in various areas of the law, we are equipped to handle everything from Estate Disputes to civil and criminal litigation. Check out the links below to learn more about how we can help you.


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