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Living Wills

When one suffers a serious injury, or just reaches a point where they are no longer capable of giving informed consent, it can often leave doctors at a loss for what to do. A living will helps to convey the wishes of the injured to doctors and loved ones so they can make informed decisions about care. When somebody is on life support and has no chance of recovery, decisions about whether or not to remove the feeding tube, DNRs, risky healthcare procedures, and more all factor into a living will.


Creating a living will can save healthcare providers and families much stress when making decisions. Without a living will, fights over a person's care can escalate to the court room, and might even turn a private affair public. While we might not know the true wishes of the injured individuals in the most public arguments about their care, we can be assured that it probably does not include being a public spectacle and political talking point.


Do not delay in the creation of a living will. Even if you are perfectly healthy, a bad car accident or other such incident can leave you in a state that prevents you from giving informed consent to your doctors. Our team of professionals can help you put together a will that perfectly and legally conveys your wishes pertaining to healthcare and under what circumstances doctors should take certain actions. In this way, if you find yourself in a vegetative state, you can be sure the doctors will know and understand your wishes.


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