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Powers of Attorney

Sometimes, for whatever reason, one individual may need another to act in their stead. The reasons for granting power of attorney can vary greatly, but most commonly arise from existing disability or expected incapacity. Somebody who has limited mobility, for example, may wish to grant power of attorney to allow another to conduct affairs in their stead. Certain types of Power of Attorney also allow a person to represent the grantor after the grantor becomes incapacitated and unable to make decisions for themselves.


Regardless of the reasons, Power of Attorney can be a very useful tool. Our firm is capable of providing counsel on what sort of power of attorney works best for your situation, the capabilities and restrictions of the power, and more. Once you have decided on limits and provisions, we can then draft the appropriate legal documents and help take the steps necessary to have that power stand up in court.


If a friend or a loved one has been incapacitated in some way, and you find yourself needing Power of Attorney to conduct affairs in their stead, we are also able to help out with that. When somebody has been incapacitated, their affairs do not stop, and if the incapacity is not permanent they need to be able to pick up their life where they left off when they are healed. Through power of attorney you can take care of your loved one and their needs.


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