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Purchases and Sales of Residential Property

When purchasing residential property, there are many factors that both the buyer and the seller must be aware of. Failure to understand the purchase agreement or the laws that may impact the status of the home before and after purchasing can prove costly. By hiring a professional real estate attorney, we can ensure that your rights are protected and all parties fulfill all of their obligations under the law.


For buyers, our services ensure that the seller discloses everything about the property they are legally obligated to disclose. This includes examining the title, ensuring utilities are installed, the exact specifications of the property being sold including buildings and other structures that may come with it, when the buyer can take possession, contingencies, and more. While all of these details will generally be worked out before the final contract is signed, having a real estate attorney on your side from the beginning can ensure these terms are favorable for you, and that the final contract terms are exactly what you agreed upon verbally beforehand.


For sellers, our services ensure that you fulfill all of your legal obligations. We know that you have no intentions or desire to misrepresent the state of your property before sales, but a lapse in judgment could lead to costly litigation down the road. We will also help ensure that you are selling only what you intend to sell, and that the purchase agreement will be favorable for you.


By having a competent real estate attorney on your side, you can save yourself the headache of a costly court battle in the future.


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