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Title Insurance for Purchases and for Mortgage Refinance

The United States is fairly unique in the developed world in terms of how land titles and transfers are conducted. While the government does record land transactions, it does not take the burden on itself to confirm the accuracy or validity of these transfers. This means that individuals purchasing property may find themselves with a defective title that could cost them the use of that property in the long run. In order to protect against such losses, title insurance companies were formed in the late 19th century.


Here at Tilton & Tilton, we keep a highly trained team of real estate legal experts to examine titles and determine their validity before a purchase. Are services are invaluable for those purchasing a home as we can make sure the transaction is valid according to state and local laws. Title insurance is considered to be a standard part of real estate transactions, and we can advise you on how much you should expect to pay for your title insurance premium based on local factors such as the cost of a title search and standard market rates.


Defective titles can be extremely hazardous to the value and marketability of your property, and can ultimately cost you the entire value of that property. Title insurance is there to protect you from these defects. Sometimes they arise from poor record keeping or debts held by a previous owner, sometimes defective titles arise out of fraud. Regardless of the reason, we will be able to identify such titles and advise you on a course of action before purchase, and walk you through how title insurance works in case you need to invoke it afterwards.


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