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Trusts & Estates Law

A revocable trust is important as one enters the later stages in life. While a will is useful for dividing up assets after death, not all conditions are so kind as to allow full control before the end. A revocable trust allows one to place their estate in the hands of a professional, and acts as an essential part of estate planning. Through the use of a revocable trust, one can be sure that their assets will remain protected in the event of incapacitation.


Our attorneys are practiced in establishing revocable trusts and helping you plan for the distribution of your estate. This is especially helpful for those whose families are outside of Florida, saving them the time and expense of having to go through the courts in the event of incapacitation. Having assets in a revocable trust also spares one from having to go through the probate process for those assets.


If a revocable trust is not in place, our lawyers are experienced with the probate process, and can help guide you through the procedures necessary to have the decedent's will proven in court. Our team will make the process as seamless as possible, ensuring that you can focus on moving forward. Use the links below to learn more about the various aspects of trust & estates law that we can assist with.


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